About Parkour Classes:

Parkour and Tricking Classes – for those who want a little bit more adventure and want to take it to the next level. Because FLIP OUT already provides an arena of trampolines, for kids of all ages to spring, trick or flip off the walls, we see a natural synergy into the sport of Parkour. Flip Out believes that it can provide a competitive, safe and fun arena for those who want to learn the sport.

The Flip Out Parkour course is developed by Parkour specialist from around the world to ensure that it meets the needs of the scene in each country. The idea of the course, which will combine trampolines, and a Parkour course will elevate Parkour to a new form – Extreme Parkour. Flip Out hopes to provide the opportunity and space for every kid who ever wanted to learn how to do those cool moves we so often see in movies, whether it’s the “Wall Spin”, the “Dash Vault” or even the “Tic Tac”.

Classes are open to all those above the age of 16, and the consent of parents for those 18 and below is mandatory. Speak to a friendly Flip Out Staff about either group classes or private lessons.

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